I wrote this cause…nothing. I just wanna show you about something. No, I just wanna share you one thing. Even in life we live, there’re to many problem coming and say hi to you, right?

Then may be, just believe that God is always has the best thing for you. Don’t be sad, just smile in front of people. Like I wanna do even I could but I dunno what is honesty smile? A pure smile? Would you wanna explain?

I’ve never had time to get back, but when I can, why so suck? Why so mean? It was so meanful and I can’t control it anymore. I wanna cry. I dunno. May I hope that the past will come again if I pray hard? I dunno, and I don’t wanna know. But I wanna try.

So, just smile when you can and everyone ask you to. Don’t be afraid just believe on yourself that is someone whom you want to always smile. Always and may be forever. Believe? And just get your happiness.




My Lirow's Mind~

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